-Now- we’re talking

March 7 2006

I'm sitting at the front of the auditorium at the Copenhagen edition of Lotusphere Comes to You.  The event itself was relatively quiet yesterday in Ârhus, but today, the questions are coming.  And many of them are on a common theme -- the need for more Lotus marketing, fighting the "Notes is dead" message.

The local team tell me that they've run some Notes/Domino ads locally; they've done the press interviews; they've got the customer case studies.  We need to tell the story more.  Like the customer I met with yesterday who have 8000 Notes databases (in addition to mail), including a Notes app they consider a competitive differentiator.  Like the partner who just told me he's already built two applications which use Web Services in Domino 7.  And lots more.

The interest level in "Hannover" is quite high here.  As I said on the Taking Notes podcast last week, while "Hannover"'s eye candy is clearly going to be a headline grabber, it is the notion of composite applications that is going to expand the value of Notes for the next ten+ years.  This is why I'm encouraged by signs that the "Hannover" development team will start taking their work more public, soon .... everybody wants to know what's next for Notes.

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