Vegas, baby!

January 14 2004

Well it's been a long first day in Vegas, and I haven't even put a quarter in a slot machine yet....
I guess it's not much of a secret... I'm here in Las Vegas for the IBM software sales meeting.  The meeting started Sunday night (some people were here as early as Monday last week), but since all my presentations are Thursday and Friday, I just came in this morning.  American Airlines did right by me once again, getting me onto an earlier flight and double-checking with me to make sure I wanted to give up the confirmed first class upgrade I had on the later flight ("we can't offer you first on this flight, is that OK?  We'll put you in a window with the middle blocked.").  As for the flight, well, the guys behind me were a bit entertaining.  I don't want to make any judgements, but they clearly came from a different background than I.  At some point, we flew over a small/medium density city, and I heard one of them say, "Dude, man, that's probably Tuscon, Arizona!"  I sowanted to turn around and suggest to them that they pull out the in-flight magazine and take a look at the map of the United States and tell me exactly what routing from Chicago, Illinois, to Las Vegas, Nevada, would fly over Tuscon????
Everybody's a comedian in Vegas.  The cabbie from the airport said "hey, Vegas is just like Chicago -- we don't have any professional sports teams, either!"  
This is my first time ever in Vegas on business, and only my third visit.  I know, everyone will want to know what hotel I'm at -- MGM Grand.  Rooms are nice enough, though the "Brat pack" portraits on the wall kinda freak me out -- I don't need people watching me sleep, thanks.  Ah well.  
One thing weird about the MGM... good news -- high-speed Internet access available in the room (and it's doing quite well, actually); bad news -- to order Internet service, you need to turn the TV on and push a few buttons on the remote to get an "access code".  Then enter the access code into the browser and the connection is activated.  I don't really understand the point of the multi-device process, and it took several tries for me to get it to work today.
I've walked a few miles today for sure.  The conference centers for all the hotels are way in the back, so you end up walking through the lobby, the casino, the shopping, and then finally arrive at the meeting space, only to learn that the particular session you want is another 2000 feet away and up the stairs and behind the bathroom.  Then the next session is at a different hotel, so you end up retracing all of that and doing it again somewhere else.  Oh well, that's all supposed to be fun, right?
Oh well -- it's only 6:15 PM local time... the night is young, and my first presentation tomorrow isn't until 8:30... AM.

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