This is actually a pretty important article -- it covers in a fair bit of detail the major changes that have recently taken place in the IBM Software Group's market execution.  Especially good for business partners to get background on how to shape their businesses going forward.
Q&A, this answer from IBM''s Donn Atkins:

What we have been doing since the second half of 2003 is to shift to a solutions- and industry-orientations. Customers tell us that they want solutions, not products; that they want an integrated set of products; that they are driven by the applications to buy their middleware. And so we are aligning our go-to-market. We are continuing to transform our go-to-market around this approach and then we are creating demand and fulfilling through our channels, which includes partners, ISVs, and systems integrators. In the past we might have a customer who needs a database, but by extension they also need an application server and systems management to complete the task. In the old world, we would have multiple specialists handling that opportunity. Now, [under the new system], we have taken strict product specialists and oriented them around 12 solutions areas (like collaboration and dynamic portals).
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