I'm heading to London tomorrow night (no chance to catch the daytime flight) for a couple of spontaneous meetings -- they were barely on my radar a week ago (of course, in the middle of Lotusphere, not much really is on the radar).  Given the last-minute nature of the trip, I've not been able to clear off my calendar, and I'll have to do a couple of conference calls and e-meetings on Thursday and Friday.  With the time zone difference, these will go to 8 PM or 9 PM GMT...meaning that unless I want to be the last loser at IBM Southbank on Friday night, I'd like to be able to take the calls from the comforts of a hotel room.
Easier said than done.  Sure, I could go back to dial-up, but who really wants to do that?  I could seek public wifi points, but somehow the background noise might not be conducive to a multi-party call.  Thus, I figured the best bet was to find a hotel with high-speed Internet and go from there.
So this simple criteria was actually quite difficult to match up:

  • On the IBM list, or at a rate within IBM guidelines
  • Decent location (either at Heathrow or in a part of London -- near the customer meeting, or at least near The Tube, I'd like to be able to have some small semblance of a life for three days)
  • High-speed Ethernet in the room (not "wifi in the lobby") as the Hilton Olympia offered when I was last in London, or the Sheraton Heathrow proudly proclaims on their website
No one hotel met all three, so the best compromise is a Marriott that ticks two of those three and is a good enough location as far as the third.  It'll have to do.
Now the only question that remains -- Which Wagamama will be most convenient for take-away?

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