OK, this may well be the first minute I've relaxed since leaving home yesterday.  
About four hours sleep in the air.  From Heathrow, the sequence was -- Heathrow Express to Paddington.  Coffee shop for a macchiato (not what I expected it to be, it was the size of a thimble, but I think it did the trick for the day!) and a sandwich (call it breakfast).  Meet colleague and Tube to the customer (including an oops that had us going the wrong way for a few stops).  Intense, very good customer meeting.  Another sandwich shop (Pret a Manger, I like those -- none in Chicago or at least not the 'burbs).  Train to Staines in the rain.  Some e-mail time then a meeting with four business partners.  Almost fall asleep in meeting.  Off to the pub for a pint with the local boys, along with some "fat chips" (potato wedges is what I'd call them, I think).  Tube back to the hotel...check in and arrive in room two minutes after conference call starts.  Take two conference calls.  Finally time to seek out some dinner -- discover that I'm not up for the walk to Wagamama.  Settle for some takeaway from Sainsbury's.  Not so bad -- I've got "tangy Malaysian chutney oriental crackers" from the Walker's Sensations line, another sandwich, and an Aero bar.  It'll do for tonight.
All those trains ran me ragged -- and cost quite a bit, too -- about 22 pounds, plus a 10 pound taxi ride from lunch to Waterloo.
At least tomorrow we're not starting until "half ten".  (That's 10:30 for those of us from the other side of the pond ;)  Time for some rest.

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