Too posh for takeaway

February 6 2004

Customer meeting ended earlier than anticipated this morning.  Seemed like a good opportunity to finally head over to Wagamama for some hot noodles.   Knowing that Kennsington High Street is the location closest to my hotel, I rushed right over on the Tube, and headed in, hoping I could get takeaway to bring back to the hotel before my first conference call.
Surprisingly to me, the hostess informed me that the Wagamama on the Kennsington High Street does not offer takeaway service.  The location in Knightsbridge does, but I didn't have time for that  So here we are, with a steaming bowl of char siu ramen in front of me -- it probably won't really matter, since the service here is just so darn quick.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some slurping to do.

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