Today's Chicago Tribune travel section features the latest in a series on the seven manmade wonders of the world -- the Taj Mahal.  A very good overview of the site itself, its history, the area around it, how to get there, etc.  The online version doesn't include the photos that are in the paper, which is too bad -- I was going to criticize the one on the cover.  It's taken in one of the reflecitng pools on the site, and while that makes for a great picture, it must have been flipped 180 degrees for publication in the paper.  Artistic license?  I suppose so, and we all do it from time to time with our photography...but surprising to see it so blatantly in a newspaper.
Anyway, there's one sentence in the story which resonates strongly for me:

The Taj Mahal defies photography, because it changes aspect according to the light.
This was my experience as well.  In the two Taj Mahal photos which I've previously blogged, you can see the stark difference -- these pictures were taken less than an hour apart, but the light contrasts are so strong, almost magical.

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