I am -so- busted!

March 3 2004

This morning in Munich, several of us leftover from the Admin/Developer Konferenz went on a walking tour of the city.  The group included Bob Balaban, Karen Hobert, Kim Greene, George Chiesa, Florian Lier, all of Penumbra Group,  and myself.  We had a great tour guide, and he took us to a huge number of great architectural sites in just two hours time.  Learned a lot of history, too.  Lunch in the touristy-but-good Rathskeller, and from there, we paid a visit to the nearby "Viktualienmarkt".  The stalls included a wide array of the standard fruit/vegetable/cheese/flower stands.  A number of nice photography opportunities ensued.
However, for one of my photos, I was sobusted!  Normally, I have a hard time taking pictures of people, because it feels a bit intrusive.  But standing in the market, we noticed a really interesting looking character, standing by one of the fountains, eating lunch.  So I pulled the camera out and tried to discreetly take the picture.
Image:I am -so- busted!
Unfortunately, somehow, I was noticed.  The man started yelling in our direction, starting with "papparazzi" and moving on from there.  Bob tried to translate for me, and it sounded like the guy was pretty upset.  He turned and approached our group, and I was suddenly worried that my camera, or I, were in danger.
As it turned out, this man, whose name is Mr. Michael Behr, just wanted a copy of my photo.  He switched to English when he arrived at our group, and actually we all had a very nice conversation (as my heart rate settled back closer to normal).  He must be photographed a lot, because in his wallet, he had preprinted slips of paper with his address and phone number, and he handed one to me, with the request that I send him a copy of the picture.  Bob (or was it George) asked him if he had e-mail instead, especially after I handed him an IBM business card.  He said he was a technician, but retired now that he is 67, and he has no use for e-mail.  
Mr. Behr, I will send you a printed copy of my photo, somehow, soon.  In the meantime, here you are in the subsequent picture that you insisted we pose for, and an extra one where you asked one of the ladies (Kim) to join in.
Image:I am -so- busted!                     Image:I am -so- busted!
I have a few dozen other pictures from touring Munich the last couple of days; I'll have them posted either later today (US time) or by the weekend.

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