My airplane seating preference changed a couple of years ago from windows to aisles.  I found that the aisle meant getting out faster, more legroom/room to stretch, easier access to get up during the flight, etc.  So it's been a long while since I sat at the window on a transcon an intercontinental flight.  Today, however, I'm in the best seat in the (AA 777 coach) house -- the window on the exit row, with six feet of legroom in front of me, and no need to bug anyone to move about.
Thus, I just glanced out the window and saw snow and ice, and lots of it.  We're flying quite a northerly route today.  Those Viking-age marketing guys were pretty funny, giving Greenland its name -- I don't see a single spot that even looks habitable, much less a verdant hue.
That Globe Trekker episode where Ian Wright visits Greenland is spot on -- really doesn't look like much there, and there is clearly, absolutely, no overland way to navigate.

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