IBM is a global company

March 18 2004

As part of my training class this week, we attended a presentation last night from Ted Childs, who is IBM Vice President, Global Workforce Diversity.  He spoke to our class for three and a half hours without a break -- and nobody moved.  It was a fascinating look at how IBM has changed, but been consistent, over its history.
One very interesting point he made was about the growth of the IBM workforce outside the US.  IBM finances are public information, so it is not a secret to say that more than half of IBM's revenue comes from outside the US, and has for many many years.  Mr. Childs talked about how it is important not just to offer our products/services/solutions worldwide, but our investment in skills and expertise as well.  So when you read that IBM is hiring more people in France, or Brazil, or India, or wherever, it is simply a part of IBM's effort to contribute to the world technology community.
There was so much more to Ted's presentation that was fascinating.  You can learn about how many diversity initiatives IBM has been in front of over the years, and what IBM is investing in now, by visiting the IBM: Valuing Diversity part of the IBM website.

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