Now the real questions begin: Will this agreement really change the competitive landscape? Or is it simply a way for Sun -- which, incidentally announced the same day that it expects a hefty loss in its fiscal third quarter and is cutting 3,300 jobs to help offset it -- to get some quick cash?...I, myself, cannot believe that Scott McNealy is ready to put down his hockey stick and play nice with the Redmondians. After all, Sun's chairman has made a one-liner career out of attacking his Microsoft counterpart. McNealy has blasted BillG & Co. for everything from Gates' decision to drop out of Harvard, to Microsoft's cultivation of a proprietary software stack.
The headlines today have been all about the $$$, and it's driven Sun's stock up (IBM is up big today, too).  It will be interesting to watch whether there is any meat behind the press releases as to the level of integration Sun does with MS in the future.  It probably isn't a coincidence that Sun also today promoted their VP of software, Jonathan Schwartz, to President.  I'm not sure his track record speaks to the move, but it is probably a strong signal of what Sun thinks their business is going to be about in the future, if they are to survive at all.
Link: Microsoft Watch: What's next: McNealy to kiss Gates' ring? >

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