Well, I guess it ain't all wine and roses for today's Sun/MS news:

In 2001, when IBM introduced a high-end Unix server called Regatta, McNealy got a lot of laughs by calling it "Regretta." Who's laughing now? IBM has shipped 4,400 Regatta servers since 2001, while Sun has shipped only 1,900 units of its Sun Fire 15K server, which was introduced at about the same time. Even if you add in Sun's other high-end server, the Sun Fire 12K, Sun's shipments total 2,700 units. "Regretta" beat them both, combined. No wonder IBM last year gained four points of market share in Unix servers, rising to 27.4% from 23.4%, according to IDC.  ...
Who will turn this ship around? Sun also announced today it has appointed Jonathan Schwartz as president and chief operating officer. He is a former McKinsey consultant who, as Sun's chief strategy officer, oversaw a string of disastrous acquisitions that cost Sun millions; then he borrowed $4 million from Sun to meet margin obligations, according to SEC filings.
Long-time Lotus market followers might notice something interesting about this article.
Link: Forbes.com: Mock. Deny. Spin. Repeat. >

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