The concept of day trading isn't high on my list, but today might make me a believer.  I track stocks on a number of competitors.  This morning, Critical Path announced that they had sold their identity management (not messaging) solution to General Electric.  The stock opened today at US$2.12.  At the moment, it's trading at US$4.44.  The first time I pinged someone on my staff to check it out, it was only up it's 120% (and climbing, and the market is still open).  So if I had reacted (and gotten over my angst about buying someone like CPTH) at 9:45 EDT this morning, it could have been quite a profitable!
The bigger issue, though, is how in the heck does one announcement turn a stock around that much.  It's the law of small numbers, but one deal (which, of course, terms of the deal were not disclosed) has had what seems to me as a disproportionate impact on the stock, driving the company's market capitalization up over $50 million in just a few hours.
Update -- in the five minutes I've been writing this blog, the price is up to $4.67 -- another 10% up.

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