Over the last two years, Lotus has been working with channel partners and its direct sales force on its Move to Lotus program. The success is definitely showing: according to IBM, 1,500 unique customers have migrated to Domino over the last 24 months. IBM Lotus is touting these figures now, as it is seeing a large surge of customers coming to Domino in just this past quarter. ...
Are people coming to Domino because of Linux or moving to Linux because of Domino? "A little of both," Marsh replied.
"Customers like the fact that when they are using Lotus Domino, they have choice," he added.
OS choice will be a big part of Domino's Notes client as well. Already Domino has browser-based webmail functionality that completely supports Mozilla. Currently IBM Lotus is developing an Eclipse-based client that will run natively on several platforms, including Linux. This client will have much of Note's collaborative technology and will be of interest to businesses looking to migrate to the Linux desktop.
Link: Linux Today: The Domino Effect >

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