An interview with IBM's John Woods and Ken Brunsen about the world of Notes/Domino as far as Linux.  Here are the interview questions:

  • Are IBM customers interested in Linux messaging? If so, how is IBM responding?
  • Why has enterprise Linux become an appealing platform for corporate messaging?
  • What is the biggest beef you hear about Linux from Domino users?
  • Many IT pros have told us that their companies want to get off Microsoft Exchange, and they're interested in Linux as a messaging platform. How does Lotus messaging offer an alternative to Exchange?
  • IBM has put out two Linux-friendly products, Lotus Domino Web Access and Lotus Workplace. What about Notes on Linux?
  • How does Lotus Domino Web Access' functionality on Linux and Windows compare?
for the answers.... Link: SearchEnterpriseLinux: IBM: Domino to support only enterprise Linux distros >

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