Forgot to mention this observence from my last visit to O'Hare Airport.  Around ORD T-1, about a half a dozen planes were sporting the new United Airlines livery.  While airline paint design is one of those subjects that appeals mainly only to us hardcore travel geeks, it naturally appeals to the marketing guy in me as well.  I wrote about the change that Northwest Airlines made several months ago; didn't really like that one.  Mentioned the redesign of Austrian Airlines' look a few months ago, too -- that is a much bigger effort than a new paint job, and possibly too ambitious.
Well, United's I like.  The new look removes the dour gray that was the most prominent of the previous paint scheme's color.  The classic two-color "U" remains, and the font that United has been using (I dunno what it's called...) since, ironically, shortly after their last livery redesign, shows brighter and bolder on white.  They've dropped the word "Airlines" from the plane -- an assertive move which ties well to their "we are United" advertising.  
I still don't find myself flying UA all that often, but I have to say, most of what they've done since entering Chapter 11, at least on the consumer/customer side, has made a lot of sense.  Best of luck with the new look, United.
Link: United's new livery >

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