Interesting headline, short story that doesn't seem to tell the whole story.  The actual story talks about the Lotus share of an ever-growing "messaging" market, as forecast by the Radicati Group.  Looking at messaging as a flat horizontal market has always been dangerous -- to take an analogy, I don't think that Ritz-Carlton thinks of Motel 6 as a competitor, even though they are both in the "lodging" industry.
The article also tries to take an excellent, long Ferris Research report on Lotupshere and summarize it in five words.  I think the interpretation there is a bit misleading -- I found the Ferris report to be quite comprehensive and balanced.  Oh well.
There is one good nugget here:

Radicati said that 71 percent of IBM's corporate-messaging installed base is on Domino 6.x, compared with only 57 percent of Microsoft Corp. customers that have moved up to Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003.
Link: eWeek: Report Foresees Declining IBM E-Mail Penetration >

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