The raw and the cooked

April 12 2004

Readers of the Notes/Domino 6 discussion on IBM Developerworks (nee LDD or saw a couple of postings on Friday about Oklahoma State University's in-process migration from Notes/Domino to Exchange.  I haven't been involved in the conversation at OSU in months -- I actually blogged about some of my interaction 10 months ago, following a competitive webcast on  Lots of questions then, but it all went dark shortly thereafter (and I never got a response to my note sent to Ron King at the time).
The next I heard about this was at Lotusphere 2004, when Jonvon introduced me to a guy named Andrew who worked at OSU.  John's written up the Andrew/OSU story on his blog.
Anyway, the migration is underway now, and outsiders can watch the whole process through a discussion forum on  I'm not sure I agree with the story that OSU has cooked up about their reasons for migration -- they seem to have the whole thing hinged on TCO, yet they are keeping their Notes application infrastructure in place (as is typical in these increasingly rare migrations).  Heck, the knowledgebase app they are using for the migration is a Domino app!
It is interesting, and of course disappointing, to watch this migration take place, raw and unedited.  Some good learning points about how and when IT should focus on user needs and requirements rather than what appears to be migration for migration's sake.
Of course for every negative, there's a positive.  A bit later today, I'll have A new posting on about a win at a customer I've been working with for the last couple of months, including the very solid reasons why they've selected to continue to use Notes/Domino.

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