Rob Novak:

While standing there, I saw a title from Microsoft Press: "Secure Messaging for Exchange Server 2003".  ...Why in the WORLD would you need a 506-page book to tell you how to do secure messaging???  

Update: Well, now, I should have thought to look up the particular book before blogging this, eh?  Because I know that Paul Robichaux keeps an eye on this blog.  And sure enough, he is the author of the book.  And sure enough, he's taking this one a little personally :)
Paul's thoughtful retort to Mr. Novak suggests that anyone can benefit from the methods he discusses in his book -- not just Exchange shops.  Plus, he's putting his money where his mouth is.  See, we can all understand each other on etiher side of this Lotus vs. MS debate....
A couple of comments on this thread point out that IBM has recently published a Lotus-focused security redbook which is even longer than Paul's Exchange book.  Well, two comments there -- 1) apples to oranges comparison, since the Redbook covers the entire Lotus portfolio and 2) you can obtain that Redbook (in electronic form) for free.  Which could start an interesting discussion.  IBM has costs to produce Redbooks, but distributes them freely in several ways.  To me, this is a "marketing" activity.  Yet I often hear "oh, well there are so many more books about Microsoft in the bookstore" -- sure, ones you have to pay for.  Free content good marketing to me, but maybe this is one of those places where selling something seems to have the potential to create more awareness.  Very interesting.

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