The print edition of the May '04 Technology Review arrived today.  A brief skim arrives at a really cool Global Invention Map (must be subscriber to access link).  It ranks countries by an index called the "national innovative capacity", based on things like # of patents per million people; proportion of scientists and engineers; number and size of technology hotspots; GDP per capita, etc.
The US ranks #1 on that scale, which is fine, I suppose.  But I was more interested in seeing who the remainder of the top ten are....
Second on the list is Finland.  Maybe "Olaf"  is onto something ;).  Following that are the UK, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and France.
The issue is titled "The Invention Issue" -- pretty cool stuff, including an article about former MS kahuna Nathan Myhrvold, who says, "You can't outdevelop Microsoft, but you can outinvent them."

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