Several months ago, I lamented that there are many people with great ideas in the Lotus customer community, but that the voices are being lost.  With the introduction of two excellent Domino blogging templates, we've seen a proliferation of bloggers.  Some have ended up silent already -- quality blogging is a time investment, no doubt about it.
Today, a  new site is available to help channel the energy and enthusiasm of those who would like to have a public way to share information about Lotus technologies in a visible way.  Inspired by the successful kuro5hin blog, is live and ready.  Thanks very much to Joerg Michael for being inspired enough to build this site and make it happen.
It feels at the moment like a new house just waiting to be decorated.  I'm excited and intrigued to see what happens with this site.  I've added it to my blogroll and RSS reader, and will be watching the evolution.
A couple of housekeeping thoughts.
Who should contribute?  Well, anyone!  There are a lot of successful group blogs on the web.  Even those of us with existing blogs may find that there's a topic worth putting on this site.  Also, those of you who have limited time for blogging may find this a perfect outlet for your occasional thoughts.  
But I can set up/have my own blog already!  Yes, that's true, and some of you have great, popular, successful blogs.  But others, well, haven't had the time to build the content, the voice, the audience.  This is a little tough -- you'll have to decide between satisfying your ego via your own site vs. the potential readership of a group blog setting. has a registration mechanism -- will I get spammed?  No, there is a privacy policy on the site, and this is a community thing.  No worries there.
Do I need to have an account on lndcentral?  See this faq page.
What kind of content should be shared at lndcentral?  Well, anything related to the Lotus marketplace.  Several categories have been posted on the topics list, it should be easy to draw inspiration from there.
So there you have it.  My personal goal in promoting this site is that we can show the world what the Lotus community is all about -- and why they should want to be part of it.  Enjoy!

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