I mentioned this report in passing the other day, Declan has blogged about it as well....now here's SearchDomino's take:

Despite Radicati's report, IBM said it's picking up new e-mail customers. Big Blue reported 15% growth in Domino deployments in the first quarter of this year versus the same period in 2003 and said it now has 320 customers using at least one component in the Workplace suite.
"We believe we have a unique offering ... competitors are scrambling to put together something similar [to Workplace]," Brill said. He added that Workplace will remain competitive as organizations look for search, content managing and instant messaging software from a single supplier.
Code talks, and now that Notes/Domino 6.5.1 are out and the 7.0 beta is available, hopefully most see that IBM Lotus continues to invest heavily in the future of the existing product line.  At the same time, we can do more than one thing simultaneously, and Workplace 2.0 beta is coming with the "launch" scheduled for next month.  As for this analyst report, I want to be very careful about how and what I say publicly, either here or on lotus.com. Hey, did you happen to read Ferris Research's report on Lotus and Lotusphere?  Or Seybold Group?  Pretty interesting reports.
Link: SearchDomino: Analyst calls Lotus's strategy a messaging misstep >

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