There's been a lot written and said about Lotus-related user groups in the last few weeks.  In my day job, I'm working on some stuff related to how Lotus interacts with the Lotus-focused user group community.  So, on a short time window, I need to put together a list of all Lotus-related user groups worldwide.  
There's a great starting list from the website.  I know that some of this information is outdated, but like I said, it's a start.  However, it seems very North America-centric list, and I know from personal involvement that there are many groups on the five other continents.
So, here's how you can help.  If you are a member of a user group not already on the list, please send me an e-mail at ed_brill at usdotibmdotcom.  In the subject line, include the words "user group" so that my rules engine can file your message properly.  I guess I could make that a mailto:, but I really don't need more spam @ work, right?  Also, if you have information about a group listed on that has changed in some way since the listing (new URL, dormant, renamed, etc.), let me know that as well.
Groups not listed on that I already know about:  DNUG in Germany, SNUG in Netherlands, WALNUT in Canberra Australia.
Once I have a compiled list, I'll get it posted on in some way.  Thanks!

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