A very thoughtful article about the reasons that people hate (or love to hate) Microsoft.

What really annoys me is when people are so blinded by their hatred of Microsoft that they lose all objectivity and go about spouting drivel to others, when they haven't even thought about what it is they're actually saying and why they're saying it. Often they're just repeating the anti-MS mantra because that's what you do. When so-called IT professionals display this prejudice in an official capacity in meetings, I'm afraid I lose all respect I may have had for them. I flip the bozo bit. The same goes for those who refer to M$ or Micro$oft.  I believe that competition is healthy and improves the breed.
I do, too -- and that's why a fair bit of my energy goes into making IBM and Lotus a strong competitor to Microsoft.  
Still, a well-written article like this does cause a bit of self-examination.  Am I "so blinded by...hatred of Microsoft that [I] lose all objectivity"?  I don't think so.  I know a heck of a lot about my competition -- including what's good about their products, their marketing, their ecosystem.  On rare occasion I'll even comment on their good stuff in public.  On frequent occasion I'll talk about their good stuff in internal meetings.
In the comments to Mr. Topley's blog entry, someone hit it squarely on the head.  "Panicboy" says:
Not mentioned: people who hate (or dislike) Microsoft because it's a poor corporate citizen and a bully.
...That MS is unapologetic about this behavior and shows no signs of remorse or interest in changing its practices only makes things worse for the company's image.
and goes on from there.  This, dear reader, is where any animosity I personally have about competing with Microsoft originates.  And is also an area which is completely off-limits for me to blog about, for a variety of reasons (professional, ethical, and even personal -- gotta save something for that book I'll write when I retire ;).  Some of you know what I mean, though.
It's a fascinating read.  Link: John Topley's weblog -- The Enemy Within >
(via seattlepi.com Microsoft blog)

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