Benincasa is looking to upgrade because Microsoft has discontinued distribution of new licenses for Office 2000 and Office 97. Benincasa is exploring his office application suite options because he is concerned about the high cost of an upgrade to Office 2003. He also wants to prevent Microsoft's product release and support road map from dictating FN Manufacturing's upgrade timetable.
"I'm not an anti-Microsoft person, and I think Office is a good product," said Benincasa. "However, we are cautious with our IT budget, and I'd prefer to spend money that directly relates to our business, like investing in things like hardware. Office 97 does everything we want it to do, and we would stay on that suite if we could. It pains me to have to spend money for features and functions most of my end users won't even begin to need."
A thorough head-to-head evaluation of what it would take for a company on Office 97/2000 to consider switching to  The issues surfaced sound familiar and typical -- document compatibility, usability, interoperability.  Still, it sounds like the majority of these obstacles have a path that could be overcome.
Link: eWeek: Office 2003 vs. >

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