Ok, so marketing boy doesn't usually succumb to marketing ploys, but this one worked -- and to my advantage, I think.
Received a direct mail piece from Sprint advertising unlimited local + unlimited domestic long distance service, inclusive of typical telephony features like caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail, for US$49.99 per month.  Seemed like a pretty good deal for a variety of reasons, so I checked it out a bit more.
Sprint offers this as Sprint Complete Sense Unlimited -- and to me, the attractiveness was a reduced overall monthly expenditure for phone service, the eliminiation of per-minute charges, and one fewer bill to pay per month (residential long distance).  But I was a little concerned about switching my local service away from SBC, the regional telephone company.
No worries -- I should have realized, in the commodity world that is phone service, SBC offers a competing deal.  SBC calls it All Distance Connections, and they even beat Sprint by a buck a month.  Plus, they continue to include their "line backer" wire maintenance service in the package.  Well, that made it a pretty easy decision.
So, the good news is -- I now have a single vendor providing local, regional toll, and long-distance service, all on the same (existing) phone number for a flat, unmetered fee.  The bad news is, Sprint spent their marketing dollars to create awareness and interest in their version of this bundle -- but they got out-commoditized by someone who wasn't marketing it at all!  In fact, I suspect SBC is only offering such a thing to respond to market pressures -- but that is what a supply and demand economy is all about.  An interesting marketing lesson -- and a way to save a few dollars all in one.

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