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April 28 2004

I was in Charlotte today on a client call to discuss Lotus Workplace 2.0.  It was an excellent meeting -- great to have an opportunity to do some customer calls on Workplace rather than my more-typical Domino vs. Exchange kind of customer discussion.
It's been a while since I was in "the south" to see a customer, so I forgot some basics ....

  • Rental car -- I reserved the typical "midsize sedan", but ended up with a big ol' Chevy Trailblazer.  Yeah, that's midsize.
  • Dress code -- I was told "business casual", which in the south means "no tie".  I think I was the only guy in the room without a sportcoat/blazer.
  • Beverage -- two-part comment; the only import beer in the hotel's bar was Corona, and at lunch today, I made the silly mistake of thinking I could get something other than tea.  That's what I would normally call "Iced tea" but...well...
  • Bagel -- well, that's what they called it, but it was a stale round roll with a hole in the middle.
Anyway, the meeting itself was excellent and I learned a few things from my co-presenters.  Plus, I was able to catch an early flight home -- always a good thing, except when it's the windiest day that Chicago (yes, the "Windy city") has had in a long time.  We circled over Lake Michigan for about 15 minutes - and then landed on O'Hare's runway 22L, which in all my flying into that airport, I think I've only ever landed that direction once before.  Then there was a United Express plane on one of the taxiways surrounded by about a dozen police and fire vehicles -- no idea what that was about.

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