and they have said, "old TWA planes, you are going to be empowered, too!"  

Starting later this summer we will begin installing powerports and expanding storage bins on the former TWA Boeing MD80 (S80) aircraft.  Powerports will be installed in every First Class seat, and there will be forty-five (45) outlets in the Coach Class cabin. For your convenience, the arrangements of the powerports on the former TWA airplanes will be the same as on the rest of the American Airlines MD80 fleet.
This is a Very Good Thing.  I've run into the situation twice now where I've boarded a flight only to find there are no power ports.  There's no way to know in advance -- until you are at the gate, and only then if you have eagle eyes and can spot the tail number on the plane (which still has a "TW" at the end).  It's fine on the 40 minute flight between here and St. Louis, but on a 2+ hour flight from Boston, delayed on the ground etc... that power port would have been very nice.
Not sure why, but there is no link on the website for this news.  I just got it in e-mail.  Oh wait, there is a little tiny mention of it on this page on

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