Follow-up from Saturday's public service message --
So, not sure what happened (sounds like human error), but whomever I spoke to at Discover Card last week not only didn't close my account, they apparently flagged the acccount as valid!  So I received another phone call just like it today.  For a while, I was wondering if I was duped by last week's call -- someone calling and pretending to be Discover Card, who then milked a bunch of information out of me so that they could go run off and use my card.  The person who called today was able to confirm that I did indeed speak to someone last week, and she seemed more than willing to close the account now, after another attempted fraudulent transaction.  Not the most competent team on the planet, and you would think that they'd have a lot of expertise in this area by now.
Now the competitive part of me was instantly suspicious of this call.  I called back to 1-800-DISCOVER, punched in my account number when prompted, and was routed to the fraud prevention department.  This was a good sign!  Representative number three sounded much more competent than either of the first two.  She confirmed that the account was closed, and more importantly, reassured me that none of the attempted fraud charges were actually approved.
Has this experience made me a bit more paranoid?  You betcha.  On Saturday, I downloaded my credit reports to see what other accounts were out there, "sleeping" or otherwise.  I'm in the process of shutting a few down.  But there's also this tidbit.  You all know about identity theft, right?  Well, I thought of a few other places where personal info of mine is stored, and I don't like it.  One in particular that I opted out of a long time ago is IBM's online employee directory.  People who need to reach me know how to reach me.  I applaud the initiative, but it just feels like a vulnerability point, especially given how the work phone number is often one of the acceptable billing phone numbers on a credit card order.  Gone.  Poof!

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