How many years?

April 29 2004

Just shared this anecdote with a Lotus business partner, borrowed from one of my colleagues.
We were talking about Notes/Domino application migration, which my competitors often suggest is a no-big-deal process.  And for something basic like a discussion database with an unmodified template, perhaps that is the case.
But in a decent sized organization, let's just say that they have 1000 Notes applications.  If they were to think about migrating those -- to a competitive platform, or perhaps even thinking that they should be migrated en masse to J2EE -- that's not a trivial endeavor.  And even if there was the world's best super-duper migration tool, and a smart developer could use it to convert just one application per day...what does that work out to?  
Five person years.  
Migration tools are important, but I think the Lotus story around being able to surface Notes apps in WebSphere Portal, integrate them through WebSphere Studio, and run them natively in a future Lotus Workplace client technology provides a whole lot more flexibility.  Oh, along with the choice to take no action -- and keep running Notes/Domino applications in their native habitat, through the 6.x, 7.x, and beyond releases.

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