Chris Reckling, sitting ten feet away, just dissed me for not blogging yet today.  And this after I took him to Oysy Sushi for an excellent lunch.
Anyway, Chris, I was right in the middle of writing this one...
which is, it looks like I won't have to crash the View's Admin2004 conference in Boston next week.  Somehow, my two agents (one internal, and one Mr. Miller) have convinced the View folks that I am an expert at something.  So I'll be around for their "Ask the Experts" session on Wednesday evening...details to follow.  Look forward to seeing many of you there.  I'll probably be around the show a bit on both Wednesday and Friday...Thursday, I'll be in Toronto for the IBM Workplace launch event there.  All this after Tuesday's Workplace launch event in Chicago.  Phew -- what a week ahead!

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