I guess it was worth the 50 minute drive in to the Portal/Content management/Workplace conference this morning.  Some kind soul scheduled my "Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus" session for 8:30 AM.  I wasn't real sure what to expect in terms of audience size and composition.
Typically, I start that particular presentation with ascertaining audience demographics.  And at a small conference, it was pretty easy to determine that two Microsoft employees were my guests today at such a lovely hour.
Those of you who haven't seen the pitch since Lotusphere probably haven't seen the slide titled "versus the Microsoft collaboration graveyard", which features all of the previous MS attempts at collaboration and their final resting places.  It's a bit more visually impactful than the "dead collaboration products society" that I used at LS04.  So, seeing an actual physical reaction to putting that slide up on the screen, well, that just warmed my heart.
Not much else to report from the conference so far -- lots of good content, but nothing that's net new.  That's all coming next week :)

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