I knew the weeks surrounding Lotus Workplace 2.0 launch were going to be a blur, but I didn't necessarily realize that meant blurry, sleep-deprived eyes.  But here we are....and now to catch up on some goings-on from this week I hadn't mentioned:
Monday the 2nd/Tuesday the 3rd
: The IBM conference here in Chicago was a bit different than I expected.  Because it was produced by IBM Learning Services, a substantial percentage of the attendees were IBM employees.  There were customers (and competitors) in attendance, of course, but the majority were colleagues.  For me, it was great to be able to host some of my favorite product managers for a couple of days in my hometown.  I've already mentioned that Chris Reckling and I had sushi at Oysy Sushi on Monday...he's documented it for the record.  The white tuna is especially good - that's the one with the dab o' chili paste in the left o-bento.
Image:The blur has started
Monday evening, the same aforementioned group, plus a couple of groupies (Diana Ermini and Lotus CTO Doug Wilson) raced over to one of my all time favorites here, Red Light.  It could not have been more perfect of a dining experience.  This is one of the best modern Asian restaurants in Chicago -- a real treat.  I also sent a group of my colleagues over to Giordano's pizza -- they raved about the real Chicago pizza experience (as opposed to a touristy one at Uno's or Gino's East).
Tuesday, Reckling and I managed to convince Carl, Heidi, and Brendan that Oysy was as good as I said it was.  We all piled over again and everybody got into the act - even the supposed sushi-phobes.  Post-lunch was a quick shopping trip to Marshall Field's -- what could be more Chicago than that?
, I ducked down to St. Louis for my second customer discussion on Lotus Workplace 2.0 in two weeks.  Great weather, enjoyable customer meeting.  3000 frequent flyer miles for an $88 ticket.  A bonus: Lotus specialist Kristina Grothaus taught me a thing or two about JSR170; I taught the team about wikis.  Call it even.
Rest of the week -- launch-related whirlwind.  I'll be online on Friday, sure, but if I'm a little slow to respond, perhaps you'll recognize why.  For others -- see many of you next week in Chicago / Toronto / Boston/Cambridge.... and in the meantime, this blog is my reminder to "stop and smell the flowers" ... these are from my yard....

Image:The blur has started

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