I like this story a lot.  It covers a WebSphere Portal (Express, presumably) deployment to a very small business -- a medical office. And by using it, they've documented increased "patient load" (I assume this would be "customers" in other industries) and revenue.  The cost: $14,000.  Not too shabby.  Kudos to the folks at Ascendant Technologies on this one.

PASS runs on IBM's WebSphere Portal system and is used by five physicians and 12 additional PSCHR employees, including nurses, patient counselors, and admissions personnel. When patients show up for an appointment, they enter their name into the portal, located on a tablet PC at the admissions desk, and an onscreen prompt appears, confirming a scheduled appointment.
Published on Health-IT World.
Link: Docs See More Patients, Patients Save Time with IBM Portal Solution >

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