eWeek, IBM Unveils Server-Based Software Model:

IBM on Monday unveiled a new server-based software model designed to lessen enterprises' reliance on desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, while easing application management and making platform choice irrelevant.   The new model supports the management, provision and deployment of business applications and data from a central server to clients ranging from PCs to PDAs, cell phones and shop-floor terminals. Enterprises would get the rich functionality of PC software from applications deployed via the Web, IBM officials said.
Computerworld, IBM touts sever-based middleware system:
IBM today outlined its plan for moving enterprises away from the use of fully loaded PCs to a server-based middleware system that can deliver applications to any device. ... IBM is not trying to develop an "anti-Microsoft" strategy, said Mills, but rather is looking for ways to leverage technology across the enterprise. IBM's emphasis on server-based computing is part of a broader trend by enterprise vendors to offer more server-based solutions to move users away from fully loaded PC systems.
CNET, IBM plans web-based desktop software:
IBM hopes to sway customers to the Workplace software with a few key selling points, including ease of management, mobility and price. Since most of the work takes place on server-based software, Workplace software can be distributed and updated centrally. And unlike pure Web applications, the new software is designed to be used offline, so mobile users on laptops or handheld devices can connect, quickly access applications and disconnect to work offline. When they connect, the Workplace software synchronizes their work with server-based applications.
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