Worth identifying this one specifically, as it's the first one I've seen resulting from the press conference in NY:

IBM's Workplace Client Technology, first discussed in January at IBM's Lotusphere show and due out this quarter, is an Eclipse-based platform that places on client devices a WebSphere layer and a relational database layer. In conjunction with IBM's server software, it allows offline and synchronized access to an array of applications...A plug-in built into Workplace Documents will allow it to manage Microsoft Office files, according to Ken Bisconti, IBM's vice president of messaging products. ...The traditional Lotus base of Notes and Domino customers has eyed with trepidation the rise of Workplace, which has a very different underlying architecture, but Goyal repeated this week the reassurances he offered at Lotusphere. Development will continue on Notes and Domino, and Notes/Domino-based applications will be accessible through Workplace, he said. In fact, IBM is pushing forward the timeline on integrating Notes and Workplace. Goyal said at Lotusphere that Domino applications would be available via a Workplace portlet in the Notes/Domino release 8, due late 2005. Monday, he said he hopes to have that plug-in ready in release 7, scheduled for the first quarter of next year.
Link: InfoWorld: IBM puts Workplace at center of managed apps vision >

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