Several "day two" stories are appearing, with more analysis and perspective.
Technology News, IBM Debuts New Workplace Middleware:

There was some industry speculation that the new strategy and software from IBM -- which includes new Lotus Workplace software for collaboration, messaging and document management -- was aimed at competing with Microsoft's Office products, but analysts agreed the IBM strategy was more of a competitor with Microsoft's forthcoming Longhorn, the next-generation of Windows .
"In many ways, it is competing more with Longhorn because that's what Longhorn is supposed to do," Meta Group vice president Steve Kleynhans told TechNewsWorld. "In some ways, it's not nearly as ambitious as Longhorn, since that encompasses 'everything.' But in another sense, it's extremely ambitious because no one's been able to create as complete a picture as Microsoft."
[META VP Mike] Gotta agreed that in the new Workplace environment and software, IBM is promising some aspects of what Microsoft is promising with Longhorn, which is also proposed as a platform to join Web and client computing, workers and devices.
CRN, IBM Beefs Up Workplace Initiative:
IBM Software General Manager Steve Mills said Workplace, which allows for the componentization and reuse of legacy applications in what IBM says is a secure environment, is a way to extend service-oriented architectures (SOAs).   "This makes it clear that regardless of how thick or thin, all applications are first-class citizens of SOAs," Mills said. Judith Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz Associates, a Wellesley, Mass.-based consultancy, concurred.
"People are starting to build these SOAs and have all sorts of different services, [and] they want to know where to put all the pieces. Here's the answer--an uber-container," she said.

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