A quick breather in a busy day.... just walked out of the opening session at Admin2004.  Mike Rhodin, IBM VP who runs Lotus engineering and support, gave a presentation based on the Workplace launch keynote that's being used in several places this week.  Having lived with the technology, products, and architecture behind those slides for months, it all makes sense to me, but I was sitting next to Jess Stratton, who was hearing it for the first time.  I could tell from the brief discussion we had afterwards that there is just a ton of new strategy, product, etc. to absorb in that one 50 minute presentation!
An interesting point that Rhodin made, and I don't think has been picked up on in this week's press -- At Lotusphere, IBM announced that the IBM Workplace client technology would support Notes applications natively via a plug-in in the Notes 8.0 timeframe.  Today Mike indicated that the timeline for that has been accelerated, and Win32 support for that plug-in is now planned for the Notes 7 timeframe (Q1 2005).  Linux etc. will follow (Yes, I can hear your question about the Mac -- other than saying it  is a future platform for the IBM Workplace client technology, I don't have any more details, sorry).
The two most useful links for this stuff continue to be IBM Workplace and Lotus Workplace.  Take your time, there's a lot there :)

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