While I was in Boston last week, I attempted to prove my technical manliness by helping my friends Paul and Karen Lilla get their US Robotics 8054 wi-fi router up and running.  They are DSL subscribers, so we had to configure the PPPoE setup, which was fine.  A couple more tweaks, and the wifi was humming.
Unfortunately, what wasn't working was the IBM VPN connection.  The AT&T Network Client would try and try to negotiate encryption keys with the VPN server, try to authenticate, and start over again.  Even viewing the AT&T client's verbose settings didn't provide me any clues as to why it was failing to connect.  I suspect an IPSec filtering kind of problem, but couldn't find anyplace in the router where it might be blocking a particular required port.
Anyone have any experience with this particular router and the AT&T client?  It kicked my ass for sure, and I didn't have any time to call USR tech support.  USR's support website basically says that the configuration should be supported, and obviously it's not.

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