I must have had this article forwarded to me ten times in the last two days.  There's several others (like here), but I'll higlight the CRN one:

The root cause may be a lack of value customers may perceive in SA. By Wilcox's count, 53 percent of enterprises and 40 percent of SMBs said that they spent more subscribing to Software Assurance than they did on Microsoft software previously.  ...
In its take on Software Assurance, however, Gartner cited a lack of upgrades during the life of SA agreements as a reason why customers shy away. And that's been reflected in the last three quarterly statements issued by Microsoft, which have posted declines in its unearned revenue account, where money from unfulfilled multiyear contracts, such as Software Assurance, is booked.
Link: CRN: Survey slams Microsoft software assurance program >

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