Last week I received an Email message from someone who had a rather interesting problem. He suspected that another employee in the IT department was reading his Email.
Wow does this take me back.  I don't really ever hear reports of this kind of snooping or unauthorized access to Notes mailboxes -- but I suspect it does happen.  In the old cc:Mail days, though, not only did it happen, it was just -so- easy.  One of the guys I worked with was reading my mail quite frequently, even copying some of my messages into archives or folders.  We were both young and stupid, so it doesn't really get to me now.  All he did was copy the cc:Mail post office to another directory, run the Admin program against it, change "my" password, and voila! -- instant access.  Way too easy.  Notes' built-in PKI makes this scenario unlikely or impossible -- but I suspect some of you have stories to share, there, too.  This article makes it sound like in the Exchange world, anyone with network administration rights can go to town on accessing mail.  Not good.
Link: MSD2D: Who's reading my mail? >
(PS: Suggestion to MSD2D editorial staff -- invest in a grammar checker.  There are a slew of errors in this article!)

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