A room with a view

May 21 2004

It's time for me to come clean....I've been away all week on vacation in Key Biscayne, Florida (Miami area).  While I love all my friends who guest blogged for me during my last real vacation, I had google hits for months looking for gaming stuff, Anthrax, and other stuff that I just didn't want to risk showing up on these pages this week.  Plus, I do have my laptop here (DVD player, mainly), so I figured I could just keep things going.  It seems to have worked, mostly.
So what's the week been like?  As I blogged a few months ago, I booked a room at the Sonesta Key Biscayne resort.  Here's the view....
Image:A room with a view
so not too shabby.  The hotel staff are friendly -- maybe some would describe them as obsequious -- and the atmosphere is relaxed.
Mostly, my goal has been to do nothing this week, which has somewhat succeeded.  We did visit the Miami Seaquarium the other day, which was a major let-down.  My daughter is a big fan of "Nemos" but there is actually only one medicore tank of tropical fish there.  Some of the other sights have been fine, and the weather has been great.  
Unfortunately, I've enjoyed the last 24 hours here in the hotel room.  Not sure whether it was bad sushi, or just too much sun and not enough water, but I came down with some kind of infection and/or food poisoning yesterday.  A quick course of antibiotic seems to be getting it under control, but it sure put a damper on the last day of the trip.
On Sunday, I'm off to Microsoft TechEd in San Diego.  This will actually be the first MS event I'll be attending since I started blogging -- hopefully y'all will stay with me next week to keep me sane in the land of the brainwashed.  More soon....

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