Over at Notestips.com, Mike Golding has often posted rather provocative discussion topics about ways in which Lotus has screwed up -- product problems, marketing deficiencies or perceived errors, etc.  Like I said yesterday, I'll take the good with the bad, and so I'm always willing to read and participate in these interactions, even when battling against the Buga Difinos of the world.
In catching up on my RSS feeds today, I have to admit I found it quite ironic that Mike's latest posting says what many have thought of late -- Dr. Goyal has done good for Lotus (Mike bases this thought on the fabulous e-Pro interview from a few weeks ago).  Ironic because, well, there's only one comment on the posting, though it's been up for three days.  Does this mean: a) Mike's readership is down, b) y'all agree with Mike and nothing more needs to be said, or c) the world is full of critics and cynics, and controversy breeds discussion while congratulations breed disinterest?

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