Well, I'd love to tell you what Matt had to say, but even though I'm sitting less than 15 feet away and we've made eye contact.... it's impossible to hear him.  Microsoft set up a number of "cabanas" for smaller sessions during TechEd.  There's no audio system -- simply one plasma monitor, some fabric walls, and three rows of chairs.  This is in a room that the San Diego convention center calls "the sail", which means it is a huge open room with a 25+ foot ceiling, no walls, just skylights.  There are a dozen other "cabanas" and a huge set of computers in the middle for attendee use.
If I had to make a prediction, by tomorrow, these cabanas will have audio systems.  Otherwise they might as well give up.
Matt's also had computer and presentation challenges -- the Windows XP "start" menu keeps popping up during his pitch.  Heh.
At any rate, I'm sure I'll get a chance to talk to Matt after his session -- he recognized me the minute I sat down.  I'll have to leave the real spywork to my colleagues who are here, all of whom have a slightly less visible public profile.

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