Another Ken Bisconti interview....

InfoWorld: What does the Client Technology introduction mean for customers' existing Lotus Notes investments?
Bisconti: One of the common comments we receive is this technology is very interesting, what does it mean to me as a Notes/Domino customer? Hopefully, what we've started to show our existing customers is that we have a plan to evolve both the Domino-based products and the Workplace products together with a goal of converging the technologies over the next few years. It is a multiyear journey. One example of convergence that we showed last week is how we are developing a Notes plug-in to the Workplace Client environment that will be able to surface existing Notes applications and Notes environments directly to a Workplace Client user. That [is] currently scheduled for the Notes 8 timeframe, we plan to use the Workplace Client technologies in the next generation of the Lotus Notes client, giving us the low cost of ownership, browser-like deployment, ubiquitous access qualities of the Workplace Client with the traditional rich function application support of Notes. A Notes customer doesn't have to think about this at all, but they should know that it is in our planning horizon. In Notes 7 you can choose to start experimenting with this surfacing Notes applications inside the Workplace Client. By the Notes 8 timeframe in 2006, we will use the Workplace Client technology under the covers of Notes very naturally and embedded.
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