With IBM Workplace's new rich-client strategy, Big Blue appears ready to challenge Microsoft for control of its core platform. No, not Windows. And no, not Office, either. Instead, the battle has been joined at Redmond's most vulnerable spot: software as a hosted service ....
IBM deploys its Eclipse Runtime IDE as the host for the OpenOffice.org editor components and associated API. This lets IBM play the Java compatibility game with its JVM while using the Eclipse Runtime to provide direct GDI (Graphics Device Interface) calls into Windows, .Net, even "Longhorn" and Mac Carbon applications. Thus, Workplace pushes down a rich cross-platform controller architecture that leverages Office while adding Workplace Messaging and Workplace Documents, which communicate with the WebSphere/DB2 back end.
Gillmor has some interesting ideas about Workplace.  Not sure I agree with all of them, but it's interesting reading.
Link: eWeek: IBM's Workplace hurdles >

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