• The deal of the day has to be the parking lot in the harbor area behind the convention center.  First, it's easier access than the multi-level convention center garage.  Second, it's only $5, $3 cheaper than the convention center.  Third, the pay machine takes credit cards.  Life is good.
  • You know you've been doing a job too long when the people who recognize you at a competitor's conference are the reporters.  It was nice to see both John Fontana from Network World and Barbara Darrow from CRN yesterday.
  • Late in the day, I finally got the show staff to open port 1352 in one of the wifi areas (the "wildwest" zone).  Yes, it was a hassle to be blogging via Notes only yesterday.  I know that the Blogsphere template has a way to blog via a browser, and I think Steve has mentioned similar plans for Dominoblog.  Still, I wouldn't trade the benefit of being able to blog anywhere, with or without a wifi signal, all day yesterday for this slight inconvenience.  
  • Regarding the above, an IBM colleague who seemed pleasant to my face about the whole thing later blogged a snide comment about my choice to blog via Notes.  I'm not going to have an internal fight in public, but Rob, you know that if I actually linked to your blog entry here, your hit rate would go up by orders of magnitude in mere minutes.  And you might want to stop pretending to be a Notes guy on your bluepages profile.
  • One thing I always like about attending Microsoft conferences is that they do the catering bit 100% right.  There is always food and beverage around.  They have Krispy Kreme donuts in the morning (along with "real" bagels).  They have smoothie stations.  And if none of that is good enough, the San Diego convention center has two genuine full-service Starbucks locations.
  • There's someone here who has been in a few of the same sessions I've been to, the ones related to the state of the collaboration market, Exchange, and Notes migration.  She was also in my audience for the competitive landscape presentation at the Chicago edition of the IBM Workplace launch.  She probably doesn't know I recognize her, and that I know which very large organization she works for, and what the state of their Notes environment really is.  Just interesting.
  • Interesting that Microsoft's official transcript of the Monday keynote has a bit of an edit vs. what happened live.  In the live session, we learned that, according to Rebecca Diaz, marketing people are "retarded".  This faux pas was caught real time by Mr. Ballmer himself -- I suspect it's more than a little embarassing to have Ballmer be your apologist for a politically incorrect comment.

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