The Exchange Server team acknowledged at TechEd that the company has scrapped the Exchange "Kodiak" code name. Kodiak, which Microsoft first discussed in 2001, referred to the next major version of Exchange Server that was due to follow Exchange Server 2003. The most recent ship date Microsoft had assigned to Kodiak was 2006....
But before Microsoft delivers the next major version, the company will roll out a more minor interim release, currently known as Exchange Edge Services. Edge Services is due out in early 2005.  Exchange Edge Services is akin to the "R2" Windows Server release, Akers acknowledged. R2, due out next year, will bundle together a number of bug fixes, feature packs and some additional new functionality. Edge Services will feature Microsoft's new CallerID anti-spam technology, as well as version 2 of the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) capability that Microsoft is rolling out first as an add-on to Exchange Server 2003.
OK, I'm confused.  When Exchange Edge Services was first announced, it was indicated that it was going to be a separate server, not linked directly to Exchange or to Active Directory.  Now it's the interim release?  Something's not adding up.
Link: Microsoft Watch: Microsoft to step up server product release schedule >

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