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There will be a new release of Exchange. We're not ready to announce when that is or what it is.
Mr. Thompson, I have just one thing to say -- how dare you criticize the Lotus roadmap.
Q: So there might be a version of Exchange before Longhorn?
It is possible. What we will do is evolve Exchange in a way that addresses customer needs. I know that may sound like a cop-out, but that is the reality.
I say again, Mr. Thompson.  How dare you criticize the Lotus Domino roadmap, when it is published, documented, committed, and in beta.
Q: You said you're going to change the Exchange data store. When do you see that happening?
We have not decided when we're going to do that.
How dare you criticize the Lotus roadmap!
Link: Computerworld: Q&A: Microsoft's Thompson talks about Exchange plans >

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