I have more MS TechEd stuff (RTC server mainly) to blog, but I'm still fired up about yesterday.
From MEC, October, 2001, Paul Flessner:

A year ago we had a very large team in Exchange working on storage. We were never going to get that storage to the rate of innovation that we were investing in the SQL Server product. So we took the Exchange store team and we merged them with the SQL Server team and that team has been working for over one year on what we call the next generation store.
And in the 2003 kind of beyond timeframe is when we'll start to roll out that product with Exchange built on top of this new store. We think it's an incredibly powerful vision and we think it will give you an unprecedented new platform for development, new development tools, industrial strength database kind of administration and support tools that your DBA and other people in your shops are used to.
From MS TechEd, May, 2004, Dave Thompson:
We will change the data store technology at some point in the future. We have not announced any plans around that. If we did that, you would expect it to be a SQL-based technology of some sort.

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